Every nation has its own rules And regulations so far as immigration is concerned. Canada, which is among the most popular destinations in the world, is visiting a few reforms in its own immigration rules. The kinds of immigrants change a lot. However, the two most commonly seen immigrants to Canada are individuals that are dependents or relatives of professionals working in Canada and people who have been utilized by Canadian companies or companies, due to their skillet. These immigrants, who mostly increase the pool of skilled employees in the country, bringing with them a bit of their own civilization, have a terrific effect on the nation.

The Fiscal effect of Immigration to Europe has been the topic of many unique studies. Considering that Canada itself provides assistance and spends on refugees, an individual can look at it from different perspectives. If the immigrants are highly educated and pay more taxes than the nation really spends them on, the fiscal effect of immigration is positive. Similarly, once the spending of tax dollars is greater than the earnings, the financial impact is in the negative. There are illegal immigrants, who sometimes lack in education but receive benefits because of their children, thus creating financing issues in some instances. The amount of refugees in addition to temporary employees arriving at Canada is in the tune of tens of thousands.


Canada Is a really interesting situation in the world considering that a couple of years ago, a massive fraction, near 1/5th, of Canadians were not born in Canada. Anyway, the population growth led by immigrants to Canada is a significant number too. The rise in number of immigrants lowers domestic wages due to supply and demand. Some feel there’s a negative fiscal impact, due to the flexibility in wages and outsourcing of a few of the jobs to overseas nationals imported to fill vacancies, which cause lower productivity.

Replacement Migration however is another interesting case. hong kong immigration to Canada, some feel, should be welcomed, largely due to the aging population in Canada. Although, imported skilled employees positively benefit the labor market, it may work both ways in Canada. The result could be negative if the immigrants find it tough to adapt and blend into the mainstream. That is the reason certain reforms have been introduced including the point based system which decides the outcome of immigration programs.